Employee Monitoring Software

Employee tracking software that tells you exactly how your employees use their time. Get powerful data for a more productive and efficient team.

Get the Most out of Your Employees’ Time

Time is money. Discover exactly what your employees are up to every minute of the day with all-seeing software for employee monitoring and complete behavior analytics.

  • 01Apps and Website Usage

    Track which apps and websites your employees are using individually, as a team, or on a company level.

  • Get random screenshots, or those triggered by employees’ suspicious or malicious activities.

  • Look into your employees’ activity logs including active and idle time. Or review and approve manual logs.

  • Stealth Mode Prevent malicious behavior and identify suspicious activity to protect your team’s data.

monitor apps and websites employees use  

Get Organized in Your Own Way

Use these features to limit data access, organize teams, and get the most out of our Employee Monitoring System.

manager login

Manager Login

Let managers see only their teams' data, analyze performance, and adjust productivity labels.

employee login

Employee Login

Promote transparency and accountability by giving your employees access to their own data.



Integrate any internal or external software your team uses with our employee monitoring system through its Rest API.

raw data

Raw Data

Get second-by-second detailed data about your employees' computer activities.



Get alerts based on productivity levels, or unwanted activities.

real-time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

See what your employees are up to anytime.

time and attendance tracking

Time and Attendance Tracking

Track employees’ attendance automatically.

manual time tracking

Manual Time Entries

Let workers add manual time.

track employees productivity

Productivity Tracking

Analyze productivity through detailed reports.



Access data from up to two years ago.

productivity labeling

Productivity Labeling

Label which apps and websites are productive.

monitoring reports


Receive reports via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

manual screenshots

Manual Screenshots

Trigger screenshots manually.

Productivity-Focused Features

Our Employee Monitoring System gives you a unique perspective of your employees’ productivity, daily activities, and timesheets.

real-time monitoring

How our Employee Monitoring System Works in Different Teams

monitoring employees in secret

Company Computers

This option is suitable for office teams who use company-owned computers. Our Employee Monitoring System starts automatically when the computer is on, but you can choose if it's going to track your employees non-stop, during certain hours, or when computers are connected to a specific network.

visible mode checkmark
Visible Mode
stealth mode monitoring
Stealth Mode

Personal Computers

The personal computers option is more suitable for remote teams, but it's designed to give more control over tracking to employees themselves. By using the clock in/out buttons, workers decide when our Employee Monitoring System is tracking their time and activities.

Visible Mode
employee clocker

Incredibly easy to install on both Mac and Windows

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Monitoring Software (For Businesses of All Sizes)

These days, just about all results-driven teams rely on employee monitoring software.

It’s gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ just a few years ago, to a ‘must-have’ today. In fact, nearly 80% of major companies now use employee monitoring systems like ours. It’s easy to see why. With our employee monitoring system, businesses become 24% more efficient, track time 60% more accurately, and can save up to $10 million in time annually.

Savvy companies of all sizes now turn to employee monitoring software. Large enterprise companies, remote teams, established agencies, fast-growing startups – and everyone in between. Simply, it’s by far the most dependable way to measure productivity, track time and attendance, and collect proof of work. And it’s a trend that’s sweeping the business world…






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