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Vision & Mission

VVELOCITY Payroll Management Software's vision and mission are to offer the best payroll Management software solutions at competitively priced and to provide a superior solution to our clients by using cutting-edge technology and providing them with the best services available.

AI Technology

The use of AI technology can increase productivity and efficiency by providing a fresh perspective on business operations and data.

  • 01Face Recognition

    Facial recognition can be used to detect employees who are not working or who leave early from work and this will allow you to track your employees properly and help you improve on time management for your business.

  • The benefit of using a VVelocitychatbot for payroll software is that it frees up your staff's time and attention so they can focus on other crucial aspects of running your business.

  • Geo-tagging and fencing is a feature that allows you to identify employees based on their location. With this feature, you can easily determine where your employees are at any given time, as well as which areas they operated in during their shift.



We are proud to offer our clients a full range of services and providing our clients with the highest quality standards.

Payroll Management System

Payroll management system will maximize employee productivity by minimizing the amount of time they spend on paperwork.

Attendance Management System

Attendance management system that aims to reduce the number of absences in a workplace

Employee Tracker Management System:

Tracker VVelocity helps in optimizing the productivity of an enterprise and allows tracking and analyzing employees’ performance to improve workflow efficiency.

Employee Onboarding Management System

Employee Onboarding System plays a critical role in improving the overall performance of an organization.

Allowance Management System

The Allowance Management System is used to manage employee’s allowance effectively and efficiently.

Report Generation Management System

Report generation System with real time internet access, backup, customization and integration are easy to see

Employee Management System (EMS)

The Employee Management System (EMS) automates and maintains employee operations while maintaining a backup of each employee's data.

Over Time Management System

Organizations can manage their entire development cycle with the help of the many distinctive capabilities that an Over Time Management System include.

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VVelocity Payroll Management software that is web-based and cloud-based is ideal for both large and small businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution for tracking employee attendance, productivity, and timekeeping requirements.


Onboarding Easy Process.

Employee Self Service.

Time and Attendance.

Excellent Return on Investment.

Streamlining the Payroll Process.

Export Reports Easily.

Improve Employee Productivity.

Improves Working From Home.

Effective Project Management.

Avoid Making Mistakes.

No Need for Expertise.

Data Visualization Made Easy.






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Employee Database
Vault IntegrationPassword management tool
Organization & Employee Files
Candidate Onboarding
Employee Onboarding
Time Off Management
Custom Time Off Policies
Time Off Approvals
Leave Grant
Compensatory Off Management
Holiday Tracking
Attendance Tracking via web, and mobile
Geo & IP Restrictions
Attendance Regularization
Shift Scheduling
Standard Reports (Module based)
Custom Reports 510
Payroll System
Automatic payroll calculation
Automatic payslip generation
Payslip templates
Salary Revision and Arrears
LOP and LOP Reversal
Salary templates

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